Quality Aligned

with Identity

Your Brand is OUR PROMISE

We combines knowledge, creativity and experience with modern materials and techniques to provide a distinctive and flawless output.Our goal is to eliminate any concerns about design, printing, packaging structure and familiarity with different printing materials
Trusting Hoodis Pars printing complex, our expert team and artists provide the best and most unique solutions, from structural design to graphics and high quality printing on special materials

Ensuring quality and distinction, along with modern equipment

Our advanced
printing machines

“At present, Hoodis Pars Printing and Packaging Complex offers the best and highest-quality.
offset printing on various types of paper, cardboard, and even metallized materials.
Equipped with modern printing machines, the complex adheres to world-standard profiles.

Color management and compounding unit.

 Playing With Color

To achieve consistent and consistent color printing, which is always one of the basic challenges in the printing industry, Hoodis Pars printing and packaging complex uses the advanced technology of the color management system. The use of Pantone colors and the registration of birth certificates, as well as the use of the composite unit of this complex, in the production of printed products with the utmost accuracy and speed to the highest quality of hands, and this causes the production of printed products in the direction of complete color satisfaction. are produced and marketed.
In order to increase the quality and match the printing with the colors used in the product design, we use the facilities and technologies of the world, which you can learn more about.

Lithography unit of Hoodis Pars

The lithography unit of Hodis Pars printing and packaging complex is capable of producing plates with very precise trams, fm, hybrid, maxton, by using Heidelberg’s four and a half sheet online plate setter machine and using specialized software.

Zero to a hundred is in our hands
From idea to output

‘Post-printing services’

  • The post-printing service unit of Hudis Pars printing and packaging complex, with two fully automatic diecut machines, a letterpress machine and a diecut cutting and foil machine, provides the ability to produce a large volume of products in this complex.
  • The product coating unit with the ability to cover cellophane in different designs and UV coating in different ways is one of the other services of this collection.
  • The glue box section with four advanced glue box machines with cold and hot glue capability and daily production of one million boxes in different models is another service of this collection.
  • The carton making unit of this group has the possibility to produce and manufacture all kinds of laminated cartons on microflute, E-flute, B-flute, C-flute, three-layer and five-layer sheets with the best raw materials.
  • Another specialized unit of Hudis Pars printing and packaging complex is the leaflet folding unit for pharmaceutical leaflets, which has five specialized and advanced folding machines in different models with the ability to produce 700,000 leaflets per day.


Our path to branding for you Studio Graphic Lithography unit Printing Molding and cutting Post printing services Safe and stylish packaging

Hoodis design studio Ideation Structure Graphic

  • ideation
    A group of artists and creatives in the think room
  • Structure design
    Professional and creative staff with up-to-date facilities
  • Graphic Design
    A group of creative and tasteful designers to present ideas in the framework of the designed structure with cooperation, provide the result of the group effort as an output file to the lithography unit.

Distinction and consistency in printing

Due to the advanced devices and experience of Hudis Pars printing and packaging complex in the field of printing and packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health products.
This collection offers the most special and high quality printing to its customers.

The creation that stays in the mind

Creating a beautiful mentality from the imagination of a special and stylish packaging,Implementation of different and high-quality packaging with a unique structure.
This can definitely be a sign of your brand.

Safe and stylish packaging

We are proud to cooperate

with reputable brands

With the familiarity that you have gained so far from Hoodis Pars printing and packaging complex.You must have come to the conclusion that this complex is one of the most complete and also the highest quality printing complexes. The activities of this complex are not limited in the field of printing, design, implementation and branding, and in all fields of printing, it cooperates with customers and reputable brands.
But we claim that we are perfect and professional specialists in the field of pharmaceutical printing and packaging, we solve all the needs of a brand in the field of printing and advertising.

  • At the end, you can see some of the brands that we are proud to work with

Awards and certificates obtained by

Hoodis Pars and the management of the complex

The specialized and professional team of Hoodis Pars printing and packaging complex has won many national and international awards in the printing and packaging industry with the ability of efficient, competent management and relying on modern knowledge and the unwavering support of the customers of this complex.

  • Among them, the following honors can be mentioned.
  • Selected for three editions of the country’s printing industry competition festival (Simorgh Print) in 1396, 1398, 1399
  • Selected for the 4 th edition of the festival of the works of the country’s packaging designers (the international package design biennale) in the years 1394, 1396, 1398 and 1400.
  • Obtaining the first place in Pharmapack Middle East exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical packaging design, structure and graphics in 2019 and 2021
  • Obtaining the first place in the Middle East Pharmapack exhibition in the field of booth design in 2021
  • The enduring face of Iran’s management in 1396
  • National meritorious manager of 1397
  • Top national exporter of 1399
  • The top national exporter of the printing industry in 1401
  • Amir Homan Mohammadi was selected as the country’s best entrepreneur of the year from the 22nd National Printing Industry Festival of Iran in 1401