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color management systems

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Quality and stability in delivery

In order to improve the quality and adapt the print to the colors used in the product design.

In order to achieve uniform and consistent color printing, which has always been one of the main challenges in the printing industry, Hoodis Pars printing and packaging community utilizes the advanced technology of the color management system, using Pantone colors and registration. Color ID card and also benefit from the printing unit of this community. , managed to achieve the highest quality in the production of printed products with accuracy and speed, and this has caused printed products to be produced and marketed to the full satisfaction of customers.

All kinds of printing colors

Four color printing
Silver print
Gold color printing
Pantone color printing

Peek Into Our Designs

Modern apartment

Designed by: Olivia Fisher
Project Budget: $25,000
Chosen style: Modern
location: Chicago, IL
Contemporary Duplex

Designed by: Evan Glover
Project Budget: $40,000
Chosen style: Contemporary
location: Detroit, MI