We are a Team of
Specialized Packaging

Example Two All you need for your
product is a
creative team with a
responsive structure
In Hoodis printing complex, we use the latest technology and methods for our designing process to ensure a professional result with a responsive package.

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Example Two We use eco-friendly
inks with a high
color density for
brighter and
more environmental
friendly results.
Inks are one of the most important part of a flawless design and printing process, using the eco-friendly inks with high color density puts our packaging department on top of it’s level.

Example Two We’ve got you covered. From designing an identity for your product to designing it’s package, printing process and post printing process,
you can count on us on every step of the way.
Hoodis Pars Printing Complex offers a wide range of services that suits your product to stand out on shelf.